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Gary Richardson D.F.Astrol.S., 
​a qualified Astrologer with 30 years of experience.
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​​What I Offer

 ​About Astrology, me and my work

About Me
I have been practising Astrology since 1986 and hold the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I have extensive experience of giving astrological consultations by telephone and in person. I also have experience of working as an astrology tutor by correspondence and in classes. I have written articles for magazines and newspapers and have also written course material for the Faculty and my own personal courses. I am still available to teach astrology by correpondence or in classes.

What I do
I cast your birth chart and use - an astrological chart showing the positions of the planets, signs and house at your moment of birth. I also look at how the planets' current movements relate to your birth chart to reveal how your chart is unfolding at a particular time. The information I give you will be solely based on your personal and unique astrological chart and data. I am purely an astrologer and do not claim to have 'psychic' ability or use other tools such as tarot or clairvoyance.

What I need from you
I need your time (if you know it) date and place of birth. If you don't know your time of birth, I can still tell you quite a lot about your chart, but if do you have it, I can tell you more. I then use the chart and forecasting data to answer any questions you may have about:

Yourself - Understand yourself better; Learn about your potential strengths and weaknesses and how to utilise your own potential to grow and develop in accordance with your true nature.

Life Situations - Understand what is happening in your life, why and when it may be happening and how can you best respond to any problems, challenges or opportunities?

- Learn about what kind of partner you may be suited to; Find out how, where and when you might meet the ideal partner; Discover how to understand current relationship situations, problems and how to respond to them; find out about your compatibility and the potential dynamics of your relationship with a particular other person (for this, I would also need the time, if known, date and place of the other person)

Home and Family -
Understand what sort of home and family life you are best suited to; Discover when might be the best time to move house, buy or sell a property; Understand your child or a family member and your relationship with them better; understand why a family situation, problem or challenge has developed and how you might best respond to it.

Career - Find out what career or vocation you might be best suited to; Understand situations, problems and challenges in your working life and find out how best to respond to them; Find out when things are likely to be difficult, to improve or to go well in your working life; Find out how you might use your potential to progress in your career and when career opportunities may be most likely. Discover when might be the best time to launch a new business or a new project.

Finances - Understand your own relationship with money and financial security; Understand financial problems and challenges - why they may be occurring and how you might resolve them; Find out how and when you might be able to make money and achieve financial success; Understand issues about legacies, inheritances and money that might come to you from other sources. 

Miscellaneous - Astrology can be used to answer many general questions about just about anything from health and legal matters to creativity, travel, holidays and pets. Whatever your questions and enqiries might be, please feel free to ask and if I can help to throw light on it, I will.

Astrology Tuition

If you would like to learn about basic or advanced Astrology, I can also offer tuition in, either in the form of full courses, individual lessons about specific areas or supplementary tuition for students on other programmes of learning. Contact me to discuss your requirements.